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TUV300 has been a successful outing for Mahindra and with unavoidable looks it is posting decent sales number every month till now. The looks, which one can only love or hate, gives it a real SUV feel. Mahindra has showcased Endurance version of TUV 300 in 2016 Auto Expo.

Everybody thought that it's a new facelift coming for TUV and some thought that it's just a concept but now the TUV Endurance Kit has become a reality now and it's is showroom as an accessory and it give a look to die for this small but bold SUV.

Endurance Kit is launched in most of the Mahindra Showrooms, but the real issue is that the colour, which you have shortlisted might or might not be on display in the showroom and the greater probability that the shortlisted colour is not available for showcase with Endurance Kit at all in the showroom. So, just to give you all an idea, how the TUV Endurance Kit would look with various color combinations:

1. TUV 300 Endurance Kit picture with Bold Black Colour:

2. TUV 300 Endurance Kit picture with Molten Orange Colour:

3. TUV 300 Endurance Kit front picture with Majestic Silver Colour:

TUV 300 Endurance Kit Rear picture with Majestic Silver Colour:

4. TUV 300 Endurance Kit picture with Verve Blue Colour:

5. TUV 300 Endurance Kit picture with Glacier White Colour:

I missed the picture for TUV 300 Endurance Kit for Dynamo Red Colour.

Now coming to the most important point, How much the Endurance Kit on TUV 300 costs?

As per the latest information from nearby Mahindra Showroom, they are installing it for Rs 65000/-

Though it enhances the looks of your SUV, multi folds but still it has some negatives:

1. It's a pure plastic just attached with an adhesive.
2. In case of any collision from any where, the complete Kit needs to be changed, no individual part is available, or you need to detach that part and will need to live with it.
3. No Bullbars

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