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Title: How to jump start a car with Automatic Transmission?
Post by: Saurabh Soni on May 02, 2016, 11:36:55 PM
What to do when your Car has a dead battery and runs on an Automatic Transmission? This is a very tricky situation because you can't push start your car. Only Option left is to give some power to alternator using another battery from some other Car with Jumper Cables or you can keep this Magical emergency Car Jump Start Kit in your Car

This Car Jump starter kit is a power bank for your Car. It works as a power bank to charge your Mobile Phones, Laptops and mostly has a LED Lamp and it does the task of Jump Starting the car Flawlessly.

How I got to know about this device is when this week my Car had a dead battery and asked for help from one of my colleague and he happened to be the owner of this Jump Starter Kit and it saved my lot of time, started my car within seconds.

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