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User Reveiw : Garmin vívoactive HR Smart Watch
« on: November 02, 2016, 01:22:33 AM »
  Garmin Vivo Active HR Smartwatch is an excellent product that performs everything for what one buys this product. Another important feature, which impresses, is the Garmin connect store with a lot of goodies and apps (watch faces, additional apps e.g. for Strength training) and these apps make this smart watch exceed expectations. The satellite lock is quick, the charging is quick, battery life is amazing.


A 10 minute charge gives a day's power! The most unique feature according to me is the 24hr heart rate monitoring. The non-fitness related basics cover everything you can expect from a decent watch I.e. an always-on screen (made for great Sunlight legibility), Alarm (vibration), stop watch, timer, calender, music control and the notifications work perfectly (that I use only for calls, best when you are away from your phone). The only slight flaw is in the sleep tracking which is a bit disappointing as even the ₹800 Mi Band does a great job while the Vivoactive HR is a bit inaccurate at times. But it's not something that I care too much about. I use it for running (indoor/outdoor), strength training (3rd party app), pool swimming (no open water support) & cycling. Overall, a great purchase that pairs perfectly for a multi-sport enthusiast. Also, for those new to Garmin, know that they have been in this business since 2003 when the first Forerunner was launched. You become a part of a massive community base which Garmin uses to share insights with you about your performance.

1. The device is well built and the strap is solid without any automatic unstrapping
2. The screen is great, but some people might not like it due to the resolution. I like the display because it is extremely easy to see in broad daylight, unlike the GF2.
3. Water proofing is great
4. GPS is quick.
5. Good list of workouts, I use Cycling, Running and walking.
6. Excellent Battery life, I charged the watch on Sat and today (Friday) the battery is at 29%.
7.Heart rate is always on.

1. Poor memory. It cannot store a lot of watchfaces or apps. Do not think about music.
2. The screen resolution is poor but i am not worried about it at all for its features.

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