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Vu 40D6575 Full HD 102cm 40 inches LED TV - User Review
« on: August 30, 2016, 11:23:41 PM »
"For the 20,000 I paid for this television, it is a marvelous purchase. You can get much better 40-inch displays if you are willing to pay a lot more, but for this amount of money, this is the most screen you can buy. And it’s a pretty decent one at that.

There are only two HDMI inputs and no optical audio out, but I have everything hooked up to my Onkyo AV receiver anyway and a single HDMI port connects the TV to the receiver, so that has not been a problem for me. It was simple to set up the TV and the quality is quite good. The black levels are not excellent, but it’ll suffice for all but the most discerning viewers.

If you are planning to use the built-in speakers, you’ll probably be disappointed with this TV, but there’s no TV in the world that has built-in speakers worth using anyway. I recommend that you get some external ones if you can spare the dough. In fact, acquire the home theatre first and the TV later if you’re serious about your media viewing experience.

The TV’s menus and overall software design if ugly, to say the least, but you never have to see if once you’re past the initial setup. There also isn’t much fidelity in the picture controls and the basic parameters that are there (brightness, contrast and saturation) are not worth meddling with either. I’ve found that the best option is to leave it at standard settings in most cases.

Despite all these shortcomings, I rate it as one of the best products on the market today because you’re still getting way more than you’re paying for. I would buy this over a smaller (but technologically superior) TV any day of the week if I was strained for cash."

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