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Recently I brought one plus power bank 10000 mah in white color from Amazon. Since I own one plus one also and I wanted to buy the power bank of one plus one only. Since the time it was launched in US, I was waiting to buy this product, after the delay of months or so, it finally got launched in India but was again sold out immediately on Amazon. I wanted to buy a sandstone grey but it was never available and ordered the white coloured power bank once it was available.

As far as the performance is concerned. It is a decent power bank with 2 USB ports, meaning you can charge 2 phones simultaneously using it. It charges itself pretty fast and also charges other phones very fast compared to normal charging using AC power. One Plus one has a bigger battery of 3000 mah and it charges that amount of battery in approximately just few minutes more than an hour. This is a very decent performance. It can charge my one plus one completely 3 times. I have also checked it by charging 2 phones simultaneously using it and it charged both the phones in very less time compared to normal charging.

Also the looks of the power bank also are very good and it looks as a classy product to carry though a bit bulky compared to other power banks already available. There is no button and charging starts automatically once you plugin the USB cable. It has 4 small indicator leds, and each shows 25% charge available with 4 leds on when it is 100% charged.

Sharing some unboxing pics of OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank (Silk White)
To buy this from Amazon:















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