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I brought a Teewe 2 at very discounted rate recently from Flipkart, thinking that I would convert my ordinary 50" full HD TV to a Smart TV. Majorly had two options for this, 1 was obviously Chromecast by Google and other was India's very own Teewe 2 developed by Mango Man.

Because I was getting Teewe 2 at very discounted price as compared to Chromecast, I went on to buy this dongle.
Flipkart delivered it in 5 days and I received a box of Teewe 2 at my office address. Unboxing the dongle, I was not very impressed by the design, It was a big dongle with no classy look or feel but this device will stay behind the TV and there is not much to bother about the design.

Still excited, I went home in the evening, downloaded the Mobile App Teewe 2 from play store on my One Plus One.
Setup was very easy, and at first I gave power to Teewe using TV's USB.
The first bad thing I noticed on my Teewe screen was, when I connected to HDMI port, TV shows "HDMI1 720p@60HZ" and I assumed that this was a full HD 1080p streaming dongle and they say so. Few people wrote that Teewe Ninja Team claim that when we play 1080p video, device automatically changes to 1080p, but are you kidding me? TV showing 720p and your device streams at 1080p. This was the first disappointment because the thing which matters here is of the honesty, if your device is 720p device tell the world about it, but atleast don't fool.

After this gimmick, I was put-off by this device.
I went ahead to test some Videos. Recently I downloaded few 1080p videos to test for my TV and same videos I wanted to stream to Teewe. Those all were 1080p MKV files but Teewe was not able to stream even a single video. Still I don't know the reason. This was another disappointment. Error messages for the MKV 1080p videos

One thing I still was excited about was Screen casting capability from Laptop/computer. I casted my screen and you will get bowled by the lag it was casting my screen to TV. The Lag was more than 10 seconds for 480p Normal quality and was more than 40 seconds for 720p High quality. Do you want to cast your screen with even a log more than 5 seconds. This is utter waste to have a feature like this to irritate.
So, by now I was purely disappointed with the device and my experience was totally opposite to generally positive review about this product. Though Teewe was able to stream some 720p videos like a butter but I read that this is a 1080p streaming device and again a matter of honesty. So, finally I dropped a mail to their support team and they got back replying that I should check my router's wifi settings, which were perfect.

So, now I need to live with this device because flipkart would replace not return it. This is not a complete waste and if you want to stream not more than 720p videos and don't want to use screen cast feature, this is a good device to have for your HDMI port but for me it was a disappointment of not giving what was promised on the pakcage and specs/feature list.

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