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Touch Screen phones should always be used with screen protectors to protect screens from scratches etc. But I came across a new type of screen Protector when I brought One Plus One Phone. I came across a screenguard, which was mentioned as a tempered glass screen protector. I got curious and researched about it and I finally brought it from Amazon.
Upon receiving, it was a little bit more in length and was looking solid. It was a breeze to apply it on my one plus without any bubble in a first try itself.

Read this article on How to apply One Plus One Tempered Glass screen protector.

Now coming back to the question, What is tempered Glass screen protector?
It is a toughened glass and mostly 5 times stronger than Normal Glass and it has a strength that can sometimes even tolerate a hammer strike.

How useful is tempered Glass Screen Protector and Is it better than Normal Screen Protector?

Tempered Glass Screen Protector is very useful as It actually saved my screen quite a few times. Once it fell off from my pocket when I was riding on a high speed, Phone's corners got damaged, even tempered glass itself developed few severe cracks but the screen was miraculously intact. Had my phone was protected by Normal screen protector, the screen would have got severely damaged.
One more advantage of Tempered Glass screen Protector is that it doesn't develop scratches easily even though it forms cracks after hard hitting but scratches won't come often and hence from my personal experience, I can say, tempered glass screen protector is way better and superior to normal screen protectors.

In below two pictures, you can see how severe the fall was and how this tempered glass absorbed all the shocks, damaged itself but protected the screen


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