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Teewe 2 VS Chromecast : Which HDMI streaming dongle to buy?
« on: October 26, 2015, 04:24:18 AM »
Most of the users finding this article, already know something about Google Chromecast, which is a video streaming HDMI dongle. But India's company Mango Man has made an Indian Version of Chromecast, which is Teewe. They launched Teewe and then made some improvements and finally launched Teewe 2.

Design: Chromecast wins here as Teewe 2 design is very ordinary and also if I connect it without an HDMI extender, it conflicts with my other HDMI port on TV but the extension provided in the box saves you. Chromecast design is good and fits in easily.

Power source: Both the devices can get power from TV's USB also but Teewe recommends using an external charger provided with the box

Resolution: Both devices claim to play 1080p videos but Teewe 2 always show 720p@60 HZ on my TV but Chromecast gives you 1080p output.

Performance: Teewe 2 was not able to play some 1080p MKV videos, but chromecast flawlessly played those.

Mobile screencast: Mobile screencast is absent in Teewe 2 but available in Chromecast.

Desktop Screencast: Desktop screencast is available in both and both were laggy but Teewe 2 was very laggy

Offers for Indian Customers: Here Teewe 2 wins, because of 60gb smart bytes for airtel customers and 2 months of premium eros now subscription.

Price: Both are priced strategically and both do justice to the price and according to us Chromecast is a bit more Value for money.

Chromecast: Logged


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