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In this review, we are reviewing  Junsun, Car GPS, dashboard and rearview camera using android 5.0 . Before starting the unbiased review, the expectation should be correct that Its a Chinese product with no warranty, its working fine for me but cant say for every case.

Coming back to the review, its a device loaded with features and if your car doesn't comes with inbuilt GPS, rear view camera or even a touch screen infotainment system then this device is an all in one device for all these features:

I will quickly list some pros and cons of Junsun 7" Android 5.0 Dash cam Car Camera DVR Rear view GPS Bluetooth Dual Lens Video Recorder FHD 1080P Automobile + Car Console:


  • As mentioned, its a device which is complete infotainment with GPS, rear view camera, front camera with HD recording, android 5.0 to download apps



    Rear view camera in Junsun device is easy is to install and comes with a very long wire, which can be easily fitted with tail light connected to reverse gear, so whenever a car is in reverse gear, camera automatically comes alive from any state even if it's in a sleep state

    Front camera records very good quality video and can be setup in recording in loops with inserted external memory card. Video size is generally big so to give an idea, 16gb memory card can store upto 1-2 days of recording only and then it deletes previous recordings to make space for new ones. Front camera also locks the video in case of any accident or sudden shock

    GPS, it comes with already loaded Sygic maps for India in addition you can also install google maps from playstore

    Connectivity is through wifi or through 3g sim card

    It can be used to watch videos as well and can be connected with car infotainment system using FM transmitter for transmitting media running on Junsun device to car's system on a set FM frequency

    It can be connected to phones also via bluetooth

    Looks very classy and increases the grace of the dashboard
    All other features are similar to any android phone with internet connectivity

    One very important feature is that it's very helpful in tracking your car and can be connected to your phone and it send any unwanted activity like car starting, car shaking, car location etc notifications to your phone and you can also remotely monitor your car through a mobile phone. So, it's very good for car security as well


It slightly interferes with FM of the car but interference is tolerable, if put to sleep then problem goes away

Internal memory is 16GB only and uf any app is installed there is no option to uninstall, but this can also be managed with big size external storage and installing apps very judiciously

GPS is not inbuilt but comes as an external device with wire and to be connected with the device, though not an issue but still an extra wire to deal with

To buy this product online at best price, click on the link below to buy:


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2017 бесплатно лучшие исторические фильмы
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life insurance coverage recommendations which can be important
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