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Last week I was reading about one plus selling its own version of Google Cardboard on dirt cheap prices for its launch of One Plus Two. I got very curious about this Google Cardboard thing. I really didn't hear about this product and start reading about it more and then I found it is shaping up as a stepping stone for future Virtual Reality.

Google is promoting this product to generate interest amongst audience as well as amongst app makers, movie makers etc to start working on Virtual Reality apps or videos.

I searched on Amazon for many products but many of those were for small smartphones upto 4.7 inches and then I finally brought Alian 3d cardboard from Ebay, not from Amazon because I could redeem my payback points.

Now my ALIAN 3D Unofficial Google Cardboard(VR) (Fully Assembled) got delivered after 5 days from date of my order and I got a cardboard box, which housed the actual cardboard.

Inside the box I also got a user manual, which lists the apps to download for Virtual Reality or to play 360 degree videos.

Below pic shows the steps to configure your Alien 3D cardboard from the Google Cardboard app:

After configuring your Cardboard, you are all set, there is a category of 360 degree videos on youtube and also Virtual Reality apps are available on play store for android as well.

So it was time to wear the Cardboard and I watched some demos available on official cardboard app and then and there I was awestruck by what I saw, it was something completely new for my eyes and I never experienced such a thing till now in my life.

Though the video quality is not much great but still something big is right in front of your eyes. It felt like you were sitting in a theatre and watching videos.

For my one plus one, this Alien 3D Cardboard is smaller and one plus one doesn't fit in fully but still it is manageable, they have also provided the security for big phones so that they do not fall off.



After watching these amazing videos for 15-20 mins, my eyes got tired and started feeling headache. By using an app called VR cinema, you can see normal videos through cardboard and very big in size videos. Apps are just in so initial days. One thing that needs innovation in this cardboard is to control the controls on mobile for navigation in and out of app or also for playing games.

All in all one has to say that this is a future of technology, which is catching up really fast.

Click Below, To buy this amazing product "ALIAN 3D Unofficial Google Cardboard(VR) (Fully Assembled)" from amazon that fits in big phones with screen till 5.5 inches like One Plus One



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