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Unbiased user review: Mi Band 2 Fitness and Activity tracker
« on: December 27, 2016, 10:21:46 PM »
This article is to review MI Band 2 Fitness and smart Activity tracker. This latest version of MI Fitness Band is an improvement over it's predecessor version. It has it's own Pros and Cons.

1. Best thing is sleeping time tracking and timely reminder for walking if you have been idle for long.
2. Wake up alarm (vibration) works well unless you are deeply asleep.
3. Another awesome feature is vibration alerts for missed calls, messages and notifications from selected apps. Works very well with Cortana on my Lumia 650 running windows mobile 10.
4. Heart Rate calculation is bit tricky, requires to remain still. Quick results may be bad, but 4-5 continuous measurements will eventually give you pretty much accurate results. Calories estimation by app is fine (a bit on the high side).
5. Step counting seems okay, but distance calculation in the app is misleading, don't rely on it (personal experience, may be fine other users). 5 km run (tracked by cellphone app using GPS) is estimated to be ~6.7 km by the mi band app (windows mobile 10). Not sure if it works better on android.
6. Its not for the gym goers. You wont be able to utilize the step tracking (mainly due to running) feature.

Product Quality:
1. Simple design, light weight unnoticeable. No problems even during sleep.
2. Easily fit on the strap and easy to take out for charging.
3. Full charging may take up to 1-2 hours (rough estimate, never tracked accurately). But thanks to the battery life - lasts more than a month (~40 days) 3 full charges.

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