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This post is to review   Micromax 108 cm (43 inches) 43A9181FHD/43Z7550FHD/43Z9550FHD/ 43GR550FHD/43V8550FHD Full HD LED TV
The review mentions below important points:

1. Delivery was on time and well packed.
2. Quality of the product is also good for this price range. Do not compare it to SONY (Number 1 among-st all Electronics).
3. Sound and Picture is good as well, Probably on par with Samsung/LG.
4. Frame rate is good too
5. Remote is simple to use
6. 1+2 Yrs Warranty. Make sure you register Ext. Warranty by calling customer care and keep the Reference till 3 Yrs :).
7. Overall I advice this product for the buyer.
8. Never leave a drop of moisture in the TV while cleaning...It might end the Fate of your TV, as suggested by TV Electrical guys and this shows how sensitive they are.
9. Audio maximum volume is bit on a lower side

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