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Title: What is Facebook Likes Fraud - Fake page likes through advertising campaign
Post by: Saurabh Soni on September 12, 2015, 02:06:46 AM
Why facebook likes generated through advertising are useless? why I am saying this and writing on this topic and why I feel cheated by facebook and why I am saying facebook likes through ad campaigns are fake and then in the end I've shared a video to prove this.
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I run this travel community website and I know the pain of generating the original content regularly and the only resort for a new website like mine to reach the audience is to use social media, because it takes time to build a good page rank on Google. Now the second Option is to look at the Social Media and to reach your audience, you need followers. When we talk about Social Media, Facebook captures the topmost spot.
So, it is good to have a number of followers on facebook. One method for a newer community like mine is to do facebook advertising campaign to promote a Page.But when I ran the campaign I was surprised with the results. Let me give you all a background to the whole story with my personal experience.

For this website I made a page before a launch, named Go-Tripperz and I asked all my friends to organically like the page and no. of page likes went on to 250 or so and then I decided to make this website, but in a domain name '-' is not recommended. So, I decided to abandon this page 'Go-Tripperz' and make a fresh page ''. Just to note that I didn't delete 'Go-Tripperz' page but I left it as it is and started to concentrate on ''. I always wanted to try facebook advertising campaigns and to promote my page, I started a campaign to build up few followers. I was not expecting any miracle and I thought I might add up few more likes if the people, who happen to see my promotion might like the content, the topic and in the end might like the page. With this hope I started a facebook page promotional campaign and then I got to know that yes miracles do happen. In INR on daily basis I used to spend around Rs 100-150 and I was getting 70-80 likes daily. It motivated to extend my campaign and in the end I set up a goal for 1000 likes. My intelligent strategy was to get 1000 likes and then with good content and with this reach of 1000 likes I would start generating organic followers. I got to know how fool I was, but coming back to the point, within a week after spending around Rs 1300 i.e around $20, I generated 1000 likes. I was very happy and satisfied and was very surprised that it was easy.. pheww. Now the good part ends.

I started working hard on writing the articles and when I used to post those articles on facebook, I was not getting any engagement at all. The post reach was mere 2 or 3 people out of those 1000 followers. This started to baffle me. I started reading many articles on how to increase your reach, started watching videos, started to experiment stuff but with no success. All that hard work was going wasted with every facebook page post. Then I tried a thing, I opened my abandoned facebook page 'Go-Tripperz' which still had around 250 or so likes that is just a 25% of the likes of my other page and I posted a post on that page, I checked the result next day, I was again surprised. The post reach was still not much but it was way better than my other so called more popular page.
Then I tried to post the same post on both pages and results were as expected the 250 likes page had a way better reach than my 1000 likes page.

The engagement was also way better in my '250 likes page'. So, I started researching more, I started digging out the profiles of those 1000 people who liked my page during that ad campaign. Most of them were looking totally fake profiles and it looked they didn't even care about the theme of my page. Few profiles looked legitimate, I sent them a friend requests, I asked them questions that why they did like my page, I didn't get any response.

To further give some strength to my finding, I made a page for a website, which is coming soon (Can't disclose the name of page because website is still not launched), and I thought it would be better to have few likes in advance before you spread the world. From my past experience I knew I need to give some money to facebook and likes would come on autopilot. I made a basic page with profile pic and a coming soon cover and a small description that the website is coming soon, didn't tell anybody about this page and started an ad campaign and not to my surprise this time, I got 500 likes within a week. Now I know these all are useless likes and it will just used to be shown on day one of my launch that we have a facebook page with 500 likes.


So, to conclude my experience with facebook advertising is that facebook advertising is totally useless and even dangerous if you intend to depend upon the likes received by facebook ad campaigns. It will scatter your reach to those fake profiles and your posts will not even reach to your target audience and the number of likes will always give you a false sense of satisfaction and then hope, which is not worth.

I didn't know why facebook would do or allow that till I watched this superb video, which cleared all my doubts.


Do comment/share any such experience of yours in comments to help other to not get their money wasted.