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Top 5 road trips you can do on your Indian Driving Licence
« on: September 06, 2015, 01:42:45 AM »

Road trips are always the greatest way to explore, to to discover and to experience the flavor of the places. This article lists down top 5 countries in which Indian driving License is Valid and the best road trips you can do in those countries with an Indian Driving Licence.

img source: nurtravel

1. Australia:

In Australia, you drive in Left and you will not be surprised when you go there and push some gas with a valid Indian driving License. All major cities such as Canberra, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia allows drivers against a valid Indian license. However, just as a precaution, the northern region of Australia allows you to drive with a caveat. It's a permit, which allows you to drive for three months only.

Best Road trip to do in Australia:

Driving through Gibb River Road, Kimberley. Gibb River Road is a 660 km cattle track that cuts a diagonal slash across the region from Kununurra to Derby. The Gibb River Road passes a number of similar gorges – Bell’s, Adcock, Lennard River – each a reworking of the same elements of sand, rocks, shade and cool water.


France, which drives on the right, allows Indian Drivers to drive on Indian Driving License for the period of one year. But you need to carry a French translation of the Indian licence while you are on a road trip across this beautiful country.

Best Road trip to do in France:

You can do a circuit Paris-Chartres-Le Mans-Rennes-Caen-Rouen-Paris. This route is popularly known as an Epic Circuit. This route covers a lot of miles, has a lot of possibilities to explore, and offers a good balance of heavily visited sights and places where you feel like the only person left on the planet.


In Germany, you drive on the right and you are allowed to drive with a valid Indian licence for six months and a must German translation. Even though, there is no need for an International Driving Permit but as a precaution it is safe to keep it with you in case someone asks for it.

Best road trip to do in Germany:

The Romantic Road is a 261 mile long scenic route through German Scenic Drive through Bavaria on which you can start from the Franconia wine country to the foothills of the German Alps.
Follow the Romantic Road and your heart, finding unspoiled nature, picturesque towns with city walls, towers, and half-timbered houses, hidden monasteries, medieval castles, and romantic hotels.

New Zealand:

In New Zealand, you drive on left as we Indian do. Driving in the picturesque Asia-Pacific nation is easy for Indian visitors. Just few things to note one is you need to be 21 years old to get a car in New Zealand. Second is  you can drive only certain cars which are allowed by Indian licence. You are allowed to drive for an year. But just remember that your License should be in English or take translation document with you.

Best Road Trip to do In New Zealand:

You can do a Hamilton - Central Plateau Circuit. This circuit has a lot to offer and the Thermal Explorer Highway is a great way to explore the Waikato region and this popular road trip features everything from luscious rainforests and unspoiled beaches to geothermal gems. You can also visit the heartland city of Hamilton and the 660 sq km water-based playground of Lake Taupo, and the World Heritage-listed Tongariro National Park with its ski fields and alpine splendour.

United States of America:

The United States of America drives on right and is one country in which everyone will love to do a Road Trip. It is pretty easy out there if you have an Indian driving License to drive in USA, you just need to follow certain rules. One can drive in the USA with a valid Indian licence for a year and if Licence is not in English Language, carry an English translation

Best Road Trip to do in the USA:

Route 66: Chicago to Arizona. There's probably no more recognizable highway in America than Route 66. It was one of the original roadways that ran all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles, but has since been replaced by the Interstate Highway System. So for this drive, you'll have to follow the historic Route 66 as closely as you can by starting in downtown Chicago on I-55 south and heading to St. Louis where you should visit the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Then continue west on Interstate 70 where you'll pass through Kansas mining towns.


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