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In summers of 2016, we planned a short trip to Manali and Rohtang Pass. It was a 5 member family trip on Ford Figo to the great Parvati Valley and surrounding areas like  Manali, Manikaran, Rohtang Pass.

The plan was to drive at night and reach Manali in the Morning. Since I was coming directly from my office, I would not drive in the night but I completely know the Manali route turn by turn as I went to Kasol many times.

Below are some of my blogs from the route; if you wish to read those, click on the links and if not continue reading this blog from my yet another trip to Parvati Valley but this time Manali not Kasol and yes I went to Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara also.

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I was late from the office and thus we could start at around 8 in the night. As to my relief I was not the only driver and thus with two people, who could drive, we took less stoppages. First stop we took at a Dhaba before Chandigarh. I forgot the name but it was completely shadowed by Gurdaas Mann's pictures, quotes etc etc on every thing in the Hotel. It was a great spot to stop by for a dinner and place was wonderful. Few pics from that Dhaba







We started and went inside Chandigarh City and got passed it, wont share much about the route to Manali as I have written about it in my many other blogs. Just keep in mind about those bad patches on the road.

At around 10 in the morning, we reached Bhuntar. Now we decided that one day we would come and spend at Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara but I suggested that we should cover Manikaran Gurudwara that day itself because its a different way from Bhuntar and just 40 kms from Bhuntar and if we come from Manali we would need to come double the way. So we decided to head fro Manikaran Gurudwara and got passed my second home Kasol and reached Manikaran Sahib. Few pics from the Gurudwara and the temple just adjacent to it.













Around 2 pm, we left Manikaran Sahib and headed straight for Manali and by evening we reached there. We already had a booking through Stayzilla and we went to our Hotel. Got freshened up and went to Manali Mall Road. I am not a big fan of Manali Mall Road and when I compare it to Mall road at Shimla, Manali's Mall road is not even a comparison. It was too crowded.










We inquired about Rohtang Pass and got to know that there is a restriction of taking diesel Vehicles to Rohtang Pass and one needs to get hold of a Permit to take a Vehicle till Rohtang Pass, but since we had a Petrol Car, it was not a problem for us, as Petrol Car's number was lesser. But another issue happens with the family is over concern for everything and finally it was decided that we would not drive on those Narrow Roads but there is a Himachal Roadways Bus that leaves for Rohtang Pass at 6 in the morning. We would board that HRTC bus. We brought a ticket of the bus, Ticket Price was Rs 500 per person and they informed us the Bus Number. Next day Six in the morning it was raining and we got dropped at the bus stand by Hotel Staff and boarded the Bus and a long tiring Journey started.

In between one also need to rent a suit, a snow suit, I call it a space suit. We rented it for Rs 800 a suit. Again a tiring journey started till Rohtang Pass but the view was awesome. We encountered major traffic jams on the way twice and finally we reached the place. Bus dropped us a km before the main stop and conductor informed all, that Bus would leave back at sharp 1 pm.
Few Pics from Rohtang Pass.


























We came back at 1 pm and driver started moving the Bus sharp at 1 pm, leaving behind many passengers, who didn't obey time. Mobile phones don't work there so it is always wise to be careful of not loosing sight of your knowns there. Finally in the evening we reached Manali back and went to the Hotel straight away as in the bus it was very tiring.

Next Day we started the return journey and I took my favourite route back via Shimla. We reached Shimla around 2 pm and spent some time at Mall Road. We took a lift but seriously, my office lift is wider than Shimla's main transport to Mail road. The Lift. First there was a huge queue for the ticket and then even bigger queue to board the lift. Finally after 45 minutes in the queue our turn came and we reached Mall road by THE LIFT.
Once we reached The Mall road, it started pouring very heavily and the weather was perfect. That's why I love being in Shimla because it always treats you well naturally. We had a lunch there and around evening we started return journey back to Delhi from Shimla. Few Pics from our time spent at Shimla.













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