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My experience of visiting Raj Mandir Cinema, Jaipur
« on: February 28, 2016, 01:43:47 AM »
Christmas holidays are the best for Bollywood movies and some grand Bollywood movies release during Christmas. So December 2015, I was in Jaipur for a friend's wedding. So those were the holidays also, we friends planned an extended outing. 1 day we would attend the wedding and next day plan was to watch a show of Bajirao Mastani in Raj Mandir and then leave for City of Lakes Udaipur.

When we were on the way to Jaipur we booked our Show of Bajirao Mastani noon show. I looked for a ticket and I was looking for Rs 300 category but it was houseful and then Booked a ticket for Rs 120 only because I wanted to experience the cinema experience at the great and grand Raj Mandir.

The show was at 12:30, but we reached well in time at around 12:00 pm. I always fear for the Parking space but as we were well before time, I got a space to prak my car in Raj Mandir's Parking lot very easily. There is a funny way to reach the theater as traffic police has its own arrangement and being a stranger to the roads there, I passed Raj Mandir twice but from wrong side but finally had to take a little wrong side, which I hate to do, but reached there.

15 mins to go for a movie and crowd started building up. It was giving a good old single screen movie hall feeling. In Delhi, you don't see excited faces, while coming for a movie because its a routine but those old days, going for a movie used to be a big day. You plan for it. I could see agents selling the tickets in black, but the crowd was huge. We went inside and there was a big waiting area and there you feel the grandeur of the epic cinema hall, I clicked few pics over there






Then we entered the Auditorium, it was a big one. I feel the seating capacity was more than a thousand. It was a plethora of crowd. Seats were not that comfortable. People were actually looked as if they went their for a picnic. So in the Royal epic city of Jaipur I was in Royal movie hall Raj Mandir and was watching a Royal epic movie Bajirao Mastani.


It was a delightful experience visiting the popular Raj Mandir and it gave me a good memory of a good movie and good place.


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