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In the summers of 2016, we planned for a short trip to Uttarakhand covering famous Tals near Nainital such as Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal, Sattal and a day trip to Mukteshwar. We booked two Duplexes in Monolith resort in Bhimtal and stayed there for two days in Bhimtal.

Then while we were planning for our Bhimtal trip, we got two tickets for T20 world cup India vs Australia match and straight from Bhimtal, we had to go to Mohali to watch the match.

So, the first day started from New Delhi Railway station from where we had to board a train to KathGodam, a gateway to Uttarakhand's amazing Hills. It was around 6 hours journey to Kathgodam Railway station.

Our train, Shatabdi from Delhi to KathGodam ready to take us to hills, waiting at New Delhi Railway Station

We reached around in the afternoon to Kathgodam railway station and had a Taxi already booked. Driver was waiting outside the station and within no time we were in hills.

But suddenly a huge traffic jam was awaiting us and it took us couple of hours to get past that jam to finally reach our destination, Monolith resort at Bhimtal

We asked our driver to come back after couple of hours so that we all get a bit settled and have our lunch then we would go for sight seeing.

Relaxing near swimming pool of Monolith, a small tal inside our resort

View of Bhimtal from Monolith Resort

To write something about the place where we stated, It's a decent resort near Bhimtal Lake, with good Duplexes and rooms but with very Poor service. There was no room service at all. We booked those expensive rooms but when we asked for room service we got petty excuse like Duplexes are too far from reception. Staff was not adequate and a good resort was badly managed. Few Pictures of Monolith resort and its duplex in Bhimtal
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Coming back to the log after small review of our experience at Monolith resort and few pictures of it, we had our lunch and were ready to go for local places and our driver took us to another lake near Bhimtal Naukuchiatal, it was a not so crowded lake and was a good place to spend nice couple of hours with family. We went on Boating at Naukuchiatal for an hour.

After spending some good time at Naukuchiatal, we came back to our resort at Bhimtal to conclude the day.

Next day, we all woke up early and had a good breakfast. We called our driver and it was the day to go to Mukteshwar, which is a couple of hour drive from Bhimtal.

On the way o Mukteshwar Mandir, we went to Sattal and also did a short trek to a temple going to ever famous Chauthi Jali, a rock with a hole in it at the peak of a hill.




After coming back from Mukteshwar, the plan was to go back to our resort at Bhimtal and and me with my brother would leave at around 3 am for Kathgodam railway station to catch a shatabdi to Mohali from New Delhi Railway station and rest of the family would rst in the Night at Monolith and leave next afternoon. But we all decided that we will take our driver to Delhi and whole family would come back to delhi together in a Taxi. So we left Bhimtal at midnight after having dinner to reach New Delhi railway station at 5:30 in the Morning. Now me and my brother, boarded a train to Mohali to watch T20 world cup India vs Australia match. We already had our hotel booked in Chandigarh.

Just after reaching Chandigarh Railway station

Our room at Chandigarh Hotel, service was far better than ever expensive service at Monolith resort the other day.



Finally we reached stadium our last point of short but great Uttarakhand and Punjab combined trip

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