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New Delhi to Vaishno Devi family trip on IRCTC Country Inn Package
« on: September 15, 2015, 02:01:10 AM »
Jai Mata Di

In May this year that is in Summers of 2015 we went to a full fledged family trip on Vaishno Devi yatra, starting from New Delhi by taking IRCTC New Delhi-Vaishno Devi Package.

We were 12 members for the trip and for these many members you need to do a planning as ladies, children would also be traveling and travel should be as comfortable as it can. But, comfort always comes with a cost, the more you shell money out of your pocket, the more will be the comfort.
The whole planning part was being taken care by me cousin brother, we used to discuss about hiring a tempo traveler etc but either the options were uncomfortable or they were going out of pocket.
Finally my brother came across a package from IRCTC, it was named as New Delhi-Vaishno Devi Package. It was the best deal we could found.
We booked 4 rooms on triple sharing basis and the cost of Package for triple sharing was only 4921/-, including To and Fro from Rajdhani 3 Tier AC from New Delhi to Jammu Tavi, Hotel stay at Country Inn with meals and break fast.

For the reference I am sharing the details of package:

==Return Ticket of Rajdhani for Rail Journey in 3 Tier AC 3-Tier
==02 Nights while traveling in Rajdhani,01 night accommodation at country Inn hotel near Katra.
==Pick and drop in non ac Bus from Jammu Railway Station to Country Inn Hotel, which is appx. 7 kms from Yatra starting point.
==Yatra Slip (for Vaishno Devi).

I will cover other details during the log:

Start of the trip or Day 1 or Night 1: Our train, Rajdhani express was scheduled to depart at 20:40 pm from New Delhi Railway station, and thus we all family members assembled over there and boarded the train.

This MAP shows how Rajdhani covered the Route between New Delhi to Jammu Tawi:

Speed Vs Elevation graph for the route from New Delhi to Jammu Tavi:

Time, speed details for the route:

Day 2: At 05:30 am Rajdhani Express reached Jammu Tavi Railway station, there IRCTC employee was waiting for us and he told us that a bus would be waiting for us outside the station and it would take us to our Hotel, Country Inn.


This is while going to the point where Bus was waiting

We boarded the bus and just after 5 minutes the bus stopped infront of a hotel of Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board from where we registered for Yatra and collected our Yatra Slips. After that the Bus took us directly to the Hotel. Hotel was not exactly in Katra but it was about 7 kms from there, but that was not an issue. We were welcomed by a great Coffee and Tea and our rooms were allotted while we had our Tea and Coffee, then after we checked into our rooms, we were served a great breakfast.

Our Hotel and its Garden

Our Room



View from our Room:


Then after exploring a bit, we got us freshen up and we were ready to leave for Yatra. A tempo traveler took us to Katra, Yatra Start point, there we collected our priority entry cards from Army connections. After collecting the priority cards, we were ready to start the Yatra.

This Map shows our Vaishno Devi Yatra route till Bhawan:

Starting Gate of Vaishno Devi Yatra:


Just after starting, at this point you can get ponies to take you to the Bhawan. So those who can't trek on foot can get up on ponies on reasonable rates.


Next set of pictures are from our route and way to Ardhkwari, which is appx. half way through the Bhawan. Just before Ardhkwari, two routes go, one which goes via Sanjhi Chhat, where helicopter lands and picks up for Bhawan and other route is a bit easier one and goes straight to Bhawan.





Mom Taking Stairs


Nice view from route to Vaishno Devi Bhawan:




Stairs again

More pictures of Vaishno Devi Route



This tunnel takes you to Vaishno Devi Bhawan from Ardhkwari and then again the route to Bhawan Follows:




One of the Checkposts:



And then we finally reached Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan (Jai Mata Di):



Queues and crowd AT Bhawan for Mata Vaishno Devi Darshan, Photography is strictly prohibited inside the Pure Cave and you can't even carry a coin while doing darshans, such is the high security by Army.





So, we had our comfortable darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi (Jai Mata Di), and after Darshans, all the family members gathered and rested for a while and started our return trek. This time most of us were on foot during the downhill trek and at around 11-12 in the night we reached the basecamp from where we called Hotel to send a cab, after half an hour, Hotel cab finally arrived and took us to the Hotel and we had our dinner in our rooms and then we all fell straight and slept.

Day 3: Next morning,we woke up comfortable as nobody was in hurry and Bus would leave after lunch and thus we all roamed around Hotel and spent a great family time.

More Pics from Hotel:


Then around 2 pm our Bus arrived to take us to the Jammu Tavi Railway Station and there was an Enroute sightseeing of Kand Kandoli Temple, Raghunathji Temple. We decided not to visit Raghunathji Temple else we decided to roam around the market and do the shopping.

At Kol Kandoli Temple:



Raghunathji Temple from outside

Finally we reached the station at around 6:30 pm to board our train from Jammu Tavi station to New Delhi




Leave comment to share your experience from your trip or just comment to let us know how you liked it.

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