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What to do in Rani Bagh Main Market, Delhi - Travel Guide
« on: February 25, 2015, 12:44:22 AM »
Ranibagh main market, located near Pitampura, lokvihar, Saraswati Vikar, Punjabi Bagh areas of northwest Delhi, is a big marketplace or bazaar where many shops, showrooms, eateries, Restaurants are there to serve you.
photocredit: in.com

Ranibagh Market is a crowded market and you name a thing you want in this market you will get it. Being grown up in Rani Bagh I have seen this market grow over the years. It used to be an old style marketplace but over the years it has grown into a great shopping hub for the people living in the area.

Many Big brand showrooms are there in the Rani Bagh market for clothing and apparel shopping and also small time traders for the same.

Also in Rani Bagh market, you can find many places to eat with big Restaurants to small roadside stalls to Bakeries. Some of the biggest names are Bittoo Tikki Wala (BTW), Otik, Kaleva, Oxygen.

M2K Pitampura is a big mutiplex in the region and many come here to pass the time watching there favourite movie.


Shakurbasti Railway station is just half a mile from the main entrance of the Rani Bagh market.

DTC Buses have decent service and connectivity for almost all areas of the city.

Closest Metro stations are PitamPura and Kohat enclave.
8758-3 8760-4

Parking is sometimes an issue, so please refrain to bring some big vehicle when planning to visit the area.

Note: Rani Bagh Market remains closed on Mondays

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