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Title: Best 10 days Itinerary to Lahaul Spiti Valley Road trip and Motorcycle tour
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This Itinerary will help you to plan your next Road trip to Spiti Valley starting from Shimla Side.

This itinerary is best for 10 days schedule for circuit tour covering almost all major places in Spiti Valley, starting from Shimla and coming back from Manali Side. One advantage of this route for Spiti Valley starting from Shimla side is that it gives you ample time and distance to acclimatize. Also the Grand part of the toughest terrain to cross from Batal to Gramphu is left to be covered at the end of the trip. So, the excitement remains till the end.

This Itinerary covers all these major places, its a bit squeezed up itinerary but gives you a chance to cover all the major milestones this circuit has to offer:
Shimla --> Chandigarh --> Narkanda --> Chitkul --> Reckong Peo / Kalpa --> Nako --> Tabo --> Dhankar --> Pin Valley --> Kaza (Key, Kibber, Langza, Komic) --> Losar --> Kunzum Pass --> Chandertal --> Batal --> Chhatru --> Gramphu --> Rohtang La Pass --> Manali --> Mandi

Day 1: Delhi to Narkanda via Chandigarh and Shimla : Distance - 420 kms : Start Early morning and reach Narkanda before evening and visit Hatu Temple before Sunsets, It gives an amazing view. All the Tiredness of the day will vanish.

Day 2: Narkanda to Chitkul/ Sangla or Rakcham : Distance - 170 Kms : Start in the morning and ride full day, reach the destination before sunsets

Day 3: Chitkul to Reckong Peo or Kalpa: Distance - 70 kms : Roam around Chitkul in the morning and leave for Kalpa, reach Kalpa or Reckong Peo before sunsets

Day 4: Reckong Peo / Kalpa to Nako through most treacherous road in the world: Distance - 110 kms : Explore Kalpa in the morning and leave for Nako before Noon and reach Nako before sunsets

Day 5: Nako to Tabo via Gue Mummy in Sumdo: Distance - 75 kms : Explore Nako in the morning and visit Nako Lake and the leave for Tabo and Reach Tabo before sunsets

Day 6: Tabo to Kaza via Dhunker Monastery and Pin Valley(Optional): Distance - 95 kms : Visit Tabo Monastery in the morning and then leave for Kaza. On the way visit Dhunker Monastery and if time permits, visit Pin Valley and Kungri Gompa but reach Kaza before sunsets.

Day 7: Visit Local Kaza Places like Ki Monastery, Kibber, Langza and Komic Villages : Distance Covered - 80 to 100 kms: Explore around Kaza

Day 8: Kaza to Chandertal Lake via Kunzum Pass(Highest Point of the tour) and Losar: Distance Covered - 60 kms: Get your fuel full before leaving Kaza and reach Chandertal lake camps well before sunsets. Stay at tents in the nights, it gets rally windy and cold in night. Though the tents are cozy but still be cautious. Do camp fire and make friends with fellow travelers as within 5 minutes all strangers would become friends.

Day 9: Chandertaal to Mandi via Batal, Gramphu, Rohtang Pass, Manali: Distance - 150 kms : Visit Chandertaal lake in the morning, do inquire on when the reflection hits the peak and visit the Lake. This would be a most difficult day to ride but most enjoyable as you would be crossing many running streams. Take your own time while crossing the streams and try to cross Manali atleast before sunsets and reach Mandi

Day 10: Mandi to Delhi : Distance - 450 kms : Nothing exciting, you just have to ride and reach home anyhow

One Warning, if you want to enjoy a comfortable ride then Spiti Valley circuit is not for you, This circuit will test your limits, it will frustrate you, it will challenge you, it will tire you but the achievement and peace you will get and places you visit on this Circuit will be worthy enough to give you a memory for lifetime.

First, Second Last and Last day would be a very tiring one.

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