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This is a travel blog from my quick and short winter Road trip to western part of India through Udaipur and Jaipur from Gurgaon

I am opening this Udaipur Travel blog with a picture of a lake as Udaipur is also city of Lakes. We tried to cover as much as possible within a very Short time we had with Us. We covered places like Raj Mandir in Jaipur, Hanuman Ghat Lake, City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake and Sajjangarh Fort (also called Monsoon Palace in Udaipur.

It was an occasion of my friend's marriage and also end of month of December and thus we got few days to spare to make a good Rajasthan trip out of it. I was confident of my companion Chevrolet Beat on which I would visit Udaipur and complete the road trip. We started in the afternoon and the Day 1 plan was to attend friend's wedding and then roaming around little bit in Jaipur before leaving for the final Destination Udaipur, as I have already been to Jaipur many times, so didn't want to waste much time in Jaipur.

We reached Jaipur in the night to attend marriage. Pictures of the marriage are copyright of my friend and can't make those public, if you had any interest in looking at those ;D.

On Day 2, the plan was to watch morning show in Raj Mandir, an iconic cinema hall in Jaipur.

I shared my experience fo Raj Mandir in different article. Please Read if you are interested in knowing more about Raj Mandir.

Experience of visiting iconic Raj Mandir


So, we watched the movie and quickly hit the road to leave for Udaipur. It was all day long driving from now on and we already had booked a Hotel Hanuman Ghat. We reached Udaipur around 9:30 through beautiful roads and reached our Hotel traversing through very narrow lanes of Udaipur. I parked my Car at a place to pick it finally when we planned to leave Udaipur. At around 10 we checked in to the Hotel and there was a roof top party going on at Hotel Hanuman Ghat, we had a good time in chilling but nice weather at Roof top and finally slept.

Next day we woke up to a good sunny but not so warm day. We had a breakfast and headed straightaway for City Palace, which was around 1 km only from our Hotel. We traversed through a Market near City Palace and finally brought our tickets to visit City Palace Museum. A decision I would regret for rest of the day. It was so much crowded and there was also no way out once you are in but to traverse through complete Museum of City Palace to finally come out. But if you are going in an off season then it's a good place to visit and to know the History of Mewar, Rajasthan and the great Maharana Pratap.

View from our Hotel Hanuman Ghat. This Hotel is famous for shooting of James Bond Movie Octopussy and it screens this movie quite frequently.

Roaming around Market in Udaipur near City Palace

Next set of Pictures are from City Palace in Udaipur and City Palace Museum

View from top of City Palace

While entering City Palace Museum

Pictures from City Palace Museum

Crowdy halls and queue waiting to enter each hall in city Palace. That's why I regretted to visit city Palace and one can't even think of visiting it in summers with such crowd.

Pictures of the museum continues, showing the proud era of Maharana Pratap

Great Indian weddings Lawn in City Palace Udaipur

After a tiring visit to City Palace we came to our Hotel at Hanuman Ghat to rest for a while before going on to visit Udaipur's Chaupati, Fateh Sagar Lake. We got misinformed that it is nearby and we went walking and then after a walk of around 3-4 kilometers, we finally reached Chowpatty of Udaipur. There was some flower festival going on there at Fateh Sagar Lake. Evening was great with some very beautiful flowers on the display.

We fianlly came back from Fateh Sagar Lake to our hotel by Three wheeler and went for a dinner on roof top at our Hotel at Hanuman Ghat and called it a day.

Next Morning was our last day in Udaipur, Infact the day to start our journey backhome to Gurgaon. We planned to visit Sajjangarh Fort, the Monsoon Palace first before starting the journey back home. We went there, it was near some wild life sanctuary and the way to reach Sajjangarh fort was quite beautiful but I was not much impressed by Sajjangarh fort. Maybe I was not visiting Monsoon Palace in the Monsoon season but the full view Udaipur and all its lakes were visible from the Palace and I am sure it would look more beautiful if someone visits the fort during Monsoon. Not to see much inside as the fort itself is very ordinary.

Entry to the way to Sajjangarh fort

View of Sajjangarh fort aka Monsoon Palace

Udaipur as seen from Monsoon Palace

So, after Sajjangarh home it was time to start 650+ kms long oneshot journey backhome to Gurgaon from Udaipur via Ajmer.

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